My Funding Account

My Funding Account

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My Funding Account

For over 4 years, we have been running proprietary trading programs that allow individuals to build their own solid businesses in the financial markets. The idea of creating the My Funding Account project has grown within us as we observed the state of the proprietary trading market and saw the potential for significant change.

Our experience in trading and daily practice has allowed us to understand and identify the greatest needs of both novice and advanced traders. We know what challenges you face every day, which is why we decided to establish My Funding Account.

We offer not only the opportunity to access an account with a specific trading balance but also a comprehensive proprietary trading program. This program enables you to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and habits to build a solid business in the financial markets.

What’s truly remarkable is that when you succeed after completing the challenge and start earning, we succeed together with you. It’s a symbiotic relationship, and we are committed to your success because a win-win situation benefits both parties.

We want to express our gratitude to our traders for their support, feedback, dedication, and, most importantly, for their trading successes. We exist thanks to you. We continually work to develop and improve trading tools and programs for you to help you reach your goals. Our pride lies in providing individualized support and one-on-one collaboration, where our team focuses specifically on assisting you.

This is the pure definition of our idea behind My Funding Account.

By Traders for Traders.


Our Mission

We are constantly working on the development of the project and new solutions to ease your path to achieving your desired success in the financial markets. We offer unique and proven opportunities to obtain funded accounts with various capital levels. At the core of MFA is giving you the chance to build a trading business.

We believe that every trader should have the opportunity to earn and create a consistent source of income in the financial markets. We understand how challenging it can be to accumulate a substantial capital for trading to generate profits. That's why we founded My Funding Account, so you no longer have to worry about the funds needed for trading.

Together, we are building a global community of traders who achieve success through mutual support and solutions created for you.



You'll find us in the heart of Katowice, in the Silesian Voivodeship of Poland, right in the center of Europe. Our office is on the 7th floor of the modern D&L Tower building, located close to the iconic Katowice Spodek. We are surrounded by incredible views and historic areas in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

Finding us is a breeze. If you'd like to visit our headquarters, please let us know in advance so we can prepare something special for you. We welcome numerous guests every day, so it's important for us to plan your visit and reserve our time, as well as that of our entire team.

Check out our office and the space where we work for you.

The Team

My Funding Account

My Funding Account is a place where we nurture and develop talents. Our team is composed of dedicated professionals from various industries, forming a dream team that excels in all conditions and delivers finely-tuned solutions. The success of MFA is built on three pillars: an incredible community of traders, visionary and inspiring leadership, and a team of individuals who form the MFA family. With such an environment, we can grow the project and ourselves individually.

Each person on the team is committed to helping and ensuring the satisfaction of our traders. Every day, we strive to do more for them, providing even better support and assistance in building businesses in the financial markets. Creating the best practices in trader support and care, as well as offering top-tier educational programs, is the primary goal of our team.

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