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Tournament Leaderboard

Update: 13.06.2024

Tournament Leaderboard

Update: 13.06.2024

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1t Place

MFA Standard Challenge


2nd Place

MFA Standard Challenge


3rd Place

MFA Standard Challenge


4th to 15th Place

MFA Standard Challenge


16th to 50th Place

MFA Standard Challenge


Tournament Rules

1. You must be a registered user of MFA.

2. Prizes will be delivered within 7 days of the tournament's conclusion.

3. The tournament starts on May 27, 2024, at 00:00 CET.

4. The tournament ends on June 27, 2024, at 22:00 CET (10:00pm CET).

5. Each participant must accept the MFA terms and conditions.

6. Breaking a rule results in disqualification from the Trader Tournament.

7. EAs (Expert Advisors) and Trade Copiers are prohibited.

8. Trading is allowed during all news releases, including High Impact News.

9. Trading will take place on 50k USD accounts.

10. The available leverage is 1:100.

11. Max daily drawdown = 5%.

12. Max overall loss = 10%.

13. Holding positions overnight and over the weekend is allowed.

14. The minimum number of trading days is 10 days. Trading Day is described as the day on which a transaction was opened.

15. One account per participant in the tournament. (also one account per IP)

16. Highest profit wins.

17. Hedging positions within the account is possible.

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